Sony PXW-Z190

Sony PXW-Z190 Repair

Sony PXW-Z190 Repair Service

We can repair the following problems on your Sony PXW-Z190V

  • Zoom or focus doesn’t work. (Back Focus alignment)
  • LCD screen or viewfinder doesn’t work.
  • Dead, won’t power on
  • Replace the SDI port, HDMI port, USB port, and the main circuit board.
  • Broken handle frame.

How to adjust back focus from the service menu

Displaying the Service Menu
1. Press the MENU button to display the setup menu.
2. Select [Hours Meter] of the [System].
3. Hold down both the SEL/SET dial and the Assign1 button, and press the MENU button.
Service menu is displayed.

Flange Back Adjustment Method
Adjustment Procedure
1. Set all exposure adjustments to manual mode.
2. Set the gain to 0 dB and open the iris completely.
3. Place a high-contrast object at three meters from the front of the camera lens, and then adjust the illumination, camera shutter, and ND filter so that adequate video output can be obtained.
4. Execute [Auto FB Adjust].

Sony PXW-Z190 Flange Back Adjustment (Auto FB Adjust)