Sony PMW-EX3

Sony PMW-EX3 Repair Service

  • We do service Sony PMW-EX3 at a reasonable price.
  • We do not replace the entire circuit boards, we’ll repair the circuit boards in components level.
  • Fast turn around time, Most repairs done in a week.
  • Free estimate, Free shipping & Free firmware upgrade.

Known issues

  • Broken handle frame, main frame & front frame
  • Won’t turn on, No power, Dead, power loop
  • Reboots by itself. Do not upgrade firmware at this condition unless you want to brick the camera.
  • Viewfinder doesn’t work
  • Audio doesn’t record
  • Does not recognize memory cards
  • Needs firmware upgrade

Sony PMW-EX3 Mainframe replacement procedure

No power - Sony PMW-EX3 RE-260 Power Circuit Board Repair