Sony HXR-NX5U Repair

We repair C:32:60 flashing error, turn power on again message & out of focus on Sony HXR-NX5U, HDR-FX1000, HVR-Z5U, HDR-AX2000.
This is caused by a broken focus lens drive coil and must be re-connected.
We offer professional repair service for Sony NX5U, FX1000, Z5U, AX2000 video cameras.
Our repair service includes lens alignment, general cleaning and inspections, and ups ground return shipping as well.
Another common issue: Lens Shifting Error Message E:62:10
Symptom: Immediately upon power-on, the camera vibrates and indicates an “E:62:10” error message. The lens shifts
downwards, resulting in vignetting of the image.
Cause: Improper parameter settings of the image stabilizer servo.


  • When does your camera need a lens alignment?: The lens must be aligned when the back focus doesn’t work properly.
  • What is the back focus?: Set to manual focus, zoom in, focus and then zoom out, then check the focus. Should be focused properly.