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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do we have a price list for each model?
No, we determine minimum labor by type of the camera and difficulty of repair:
Mini-DV (Standard Definition) 8mm, Hi8, D8 (Digital8) are $179 or up depending on the model and difficulty of repair.
HDV Mini-DV, HDD, Micro-MV camcorders & DSLR cameras are $179 or up depending on the model and difficulty of the repair.
8mm, Hi8, D8, SD, HD Mini-DV Recorders, Decks, and Sony A7 (ILCE) series are $249 or up depending on the model and difficulty of repair.
Professional 3CCD & 4K cameras are $299, $399 or up depending on the model and difficulty of repair.
Our labor includes cleaning, lubrication, adjustments & minor parts (rollers and gears)
However, our labor does not include major parts, such as Drum, Capstan motor, Lens & Circuit boards.

2. Payment methods?
We accept major credit cards, personal or business checks.
We do not take any credit cards information over the phone.
We’ll e-mail you an invoice through the PayPal when the repair is complete.

3. Turn around time?
Normally one to seven days, sometimes one to three weeks or more, it’s depending on parts availability.
Same day shipping is available if the payment clears before 10 am central time.
For dealers, our turnaround time will be longer, if due is over.

4. Refusal & Shipping fee?
For the un-repaired equipment,  we offer free estimates and there is no refusal fee even you don’t want us to fix it, you just pay for the return shipping.
For the repaired equipment, we offer free UPS ground return shipping within 48 Continental United States only.
Any camera or camcorder has been damaged by liquid, impact, previously attempted to repair by your own or by other repair facilities, $70.00 for an estimate and S/H fee will be applied.

5. Do we still service the camcorders that are 10+ years old?
Yes, this includes 8mm Hi8 camcorders & recorders, Sony CCD-TRV series, and DCR-TRV series.

No, this includes Sony CCD-V, CCD-F series & CCD-FX series, Canon E series, A1, L1 & L2,
All the models from Magnavox, Sears, Radioshack, Philips, Montgomery, Toshiba & Full-size VHS camcorders.

If you need a quote in PDF form for insurance claim purpose, we can help, your cost will be $70 and plus return shipping and must be paid upfront.

6. Do we repair, service digital cameras?
Yes, We do repair Canon, Sony, and Panasonic digital SLR cameras.

7. Do we repair, service VHS VCR’s?
No, we don’t.

8. Do we sell parts, AC adapters or batteries?
No, we do not sell any accessories but we’ll sell some new and used parts.

9. What’s does our warranty cover?
6 months(180 days) Parts & Labor for the same defect.