Panasonic Camcorder Repair

We are proud to have been serving the top quality Panasonic camcorder repair service for over 20 years.
We will give you a free evaluation and will quote you a competitive price for the services you need within two(2) business days. There is no obligation after we provide you with our free estimate!
Our turnaround time is usually less than a week. Factors that determine the length of time it takes to repair an item, may depend on the particular problem and the availability of parts if applicable. In rare instances, we will always notify our customers if there are any unexpected delays and we strive to provide the most professional repair service available.
Our Panasonic camcorder repair service comes with four(4) months warranty which covers the parts & labor, and free UPS ground return shipping for all the repaired Panasonic camcorders.
This is the place that we are purchasing genuine Panasonic camcorder parts. Of course, you can buy it directly from them, and you can check the price and availability too! This is why we don’t markup or lie on the parts cost.
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Common Problems on Panasonic Camcorders

Below is a list of common problems and we can repair for Panasonic video cameras.
If your problem is not listed below or need help to identify the cause of the problem, Please follow the Error Code List below or just let us know.

Panasonic Camcorder Repair

Panasonic Camcorder Repair

  • All the emergency error codes
  • No power at all, Won’t turn on
  • LCD screen doesn’t work, Viewfinder doesn’t work
  • Buttons don’t work
  • Zoom doesn’t work
  • Autofocus doesn’t work, Out of focus
  • Won’t recognize memory cards
  • Audio doesn’t record through either built-in mic or XLR inputs
  • Physical damages, Broken handle or main frame
  • Hard drive replacement or recovery
  • Firmware upgrade

Error Codes on Panasonic Camcorders

Below is the explanation of the error codes for Panasonic video cameras & recording decks. It gives you an idea what to do.
Still, you don’t know what to do? or Can’t identify the cause? Just call us, one of our highly skilled and experienced technicians will help you out.

Fault Code Condition Power LED Flashing & Power Off Timing
F01 Take Up Side Reel Lock After 1 minute flash, power will be turned off.
F02 Supply Side Reel Lock After 1 minute flash, power will be turned off.
F03 Unloading Lock After 1 minute flash, power will be turned off.
F04 Loading Lock After 1 minute flash, power will be turned off.
F05 Cylinder Lock After 1 minute flash, power will be turned off.
F31 Data Transmission Error None
F51 Focus Motor Lock Power LED flashes at 1 Hz timing.
F52 Zoom motor Lock Power LED flashes at 1 Hz timing.
U10 Dew Detection After 18 seconds flash at 1 Hz timing, power will be turned off.
U11 Head Clogging None

Panasonic Camcorder Repair Photos

We take photos during the repair and share with the customer.

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